About us


We believe in seeing the world and feeling great while doing it.  Unfortunately, our bodies don't always agree with us. Our least favorite experience when traveling is the moment you start to feel unwell when you didn't pack anything in your bag to fix it. It was during one such circumstance (in a cramped airplane seat, no less) that the idea for The Traveler's Pharmacy was born. What if we could create a product that goes beyond the standard travel pill case? What if we could provide not only a stylish and compact package, but also tell you what to bring and how to take it?  Such a product would be like packing up your neighborhood pharmacy, but still allow your suitcase to make weight. From the occasional vacationer to the die-hard travel consultant, we believe that everyone can benefit from being prepared for feeling your worst and that we have the tools get you feeling better. As a pharmacist founded company, we obsess about medications so you don't have to. Now, get back out there and see the world!

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